With lockdown restrictions now easing, it is understandable many of us may feel nervous or unsure of how to to move forward and resume a more social and active way of life. Our new leaflet below has some very helpful tips and guidance on how to achieve this and also some handy guides for activities that can be undertaken in the local area.

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Nature Based Intervention

Who Should I See?

It can be difficult to know who you should book your appointment with - a doctor, nurse, health care assistant, health visitor or pharmacist?  In person or by telephone?

This simple guide is aimed at making the decision easier.

Please note:  appointment for a reason marked with a * require a double appointment or cannot be booked on-line.


Health Care Assistant


Practice Nurse

Doctor (GP)

Basic dressings, re-dressings and follow up dressings

Urine testing

Checking blood pressure

Measuring height, weight, temperature, pulse

Recording ECGs

Blood tests including INRs

Removing sutures (stitches)

New patient medicals

Colds and sore throats



Head lice


Mouth ulcers

Hay fever


Emergency contraception

The Pharmacist will refer you to a doctor or nurse if they feel this is appropriate and necessary.

Ear syringing

Dressing assessments / new dressings

Injections including flu jags, B12 and contraception (depo)

Asthma reviews

Cardiac reviews

Diabetes reviews

COPD and respiratory reviews

Blood pressure (hypertension) reviews

Medication reviews

Smear tests (cervical screening)

Contraception reviews

Weight loss and dietary advice

Smoking cessation advice

Travel vaccinations  

The nurse will refer you to a doctor if they feel this is appropriate and necessary.

By telephone for:

Questions about medication or side effects

To follow up a recent visit to the doctor to report on progress or discuss test results

In person for:

New symptoms that need investigation

Anything not mentioned elsewhere

Examinations which require a form to be filled out e.g. HGV, PSV

Joint injections*

Minor surgery *

Liquid nitrogen treatment *

If you think you may need referral to hospital or other secondary care






























Other Professionals

Health Visitor
  • Child health monitoring
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Support and advice for families with young children
  • Counterweight (weight loss) programme reviews
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